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Oneida County Voters.
You Have Been Heard By The Oneida County Board. The Supervisors Now Know That You Want Our Water & Wetlands Protected! 
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The November 6th referendum question is, “After performing their due diligence, should Oneida County allow leasing of County owned lands in the Town of Lynne for the purpose of metallic mineral exploration, prospecting, bulk sampling and mining?”

Our answer is no because this type of mining has too many risks. 

What's At Risk?
  • Our Clean Water: Sulfide mines have a history of producing acid mine drainage and polluting water. taxpayers frequently pay for the clean up.
  • Our county forest and wetlands: a mine will destroy our county forest & wetlands at Lynne.
  • Our Tourism Economy: Travelers to Oneida County spent $305 million in 2017, an increase in tourism of 3.5% From 2016. The WI Dept. of Tourism counts 2,200 jobs in the county related to tourism. "Tourism plays a critical role in our community and continues to grow," Tourists come to Oneida County for clean water, air and forests.
  • Our Tax Base: Over 50% of homes in Oneida County are owned by non-residents. They buy those homes to enjoy our clean lakes, rivers and streams, the taxes they pay send our kids to school and plow our roads. They come here because: "The Northern Highland Ecological Landscape, of which Oneida County is part, has one of the highest concentrations of freshwater lakes in the world, rivaled globally only by northern Minnesota, Ontario, and Finland."

  • The DNR designated the willow flowage as  an Outstanding Resource Water. DNR ORW: "Warrants additional protection from the effects of pollution."  
  • The Lynne Mineral Deposit is located in Oneida County Forest Land owned by the public, WE THE PEOPLE OWN THE FOREST!  
  • The mineral deposit lies 50 Feet underwater beneath a pristine wetland . The Lynne Deposit is located less than 1/2 mile from the willow river. 
  • Sulfide mining pollutes ground water and puts surface water at risk for heavy metals dissolved in acid mine drainage.   
  • The recently passed ACT 134, removed the environmental protection requirement to "Prove It First," for sulfide mines.  

Aerial View: Oneida County Forest Wetland, Lynne Mineral Deposit,  .47 Mile Proximity To The Willow River

TheWillow Flowage
Down Stream Of The Willow River And The Lynne Mineral Deposit
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Protect the Willow is a grassroots group that formed to inform our community about the need to protect the Willow River and Flowage from the risks of sulfide mining.

We are an educational effort of the Willow Region Sportsman and Snowmobile Club.

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